About the Exquisite Dentistry Dental Spa

Our mission is to create beautiful smiles. Enhance the one you were born with or let us design the smile of your dreams.

The History of Exquisite Dentistry

After working with renowned dentists in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Aguil noticed that their practices were all lacking something: a comforting patient experience. His desire to provide more than great dentistry inspired him to open his own practice in 2006 focused on providing a more personal, relaxed, and comfortable experience.

Dr. Aguil’s treatments became renowned for the stress they relieved and the smiles they created. Since then, his vision has grown into Exquisite Dentistry, a general and cosmetic dentistry practice leading the field in patient care and comfort. Practices like Dr. Aguil’s came to be known as dental spas.

Feel the Difference at Exquisite Dentistry

We take a holistic approach to your oral health and overall wellness, combining gentle and passionate care with advanced treatments and technology to make every appointment as convenient and pain-free as possible. Prioritizing your complete wellness, we teach you how to maintain the beauty, health, and function of your smile by incorporating simple habits and techniques into your lifestyle to make your next visit even smoother. The doctors at our dental spa will strengthen your confidence to let your natural radiance shine.

Veneers & Crowns
Using the finest hand-crafted ceramic porcelain veneers and crowns, we restore your smile’s brilliance. Design a smile of your dreams!

Laser Teeth Whitening

Make a lasting first impression on everyone you meet, and brighten your teeth up to eight shades in just one visit.

State-of-the-Art Teeth Cleaning

Sit back and relax while we stop plaque and tartar from building up helping you prevent gum disease other risks. Oral health may be critical in maintaining a healthy heart and overall wellness.

Advanced Dental Technology

We embrace the latest and greatest techniques and technologies available to make your treatment as effective and comfortable as possible. Invisalign treatment is one example, where a series of clear custom-made aligners are used to straighten teeth over time, completely replacing traditional metal braces.

Our iTero Scanner is another advanced tool that takes a record of your teeth, and will show what the end result of your treatment will be within just a few minutes! It also allows us to track changes in your teeth over time with exceptional precision.

The Exquisite Experience

During our introductory phone conversation, we get to know you and plan your initial visit together. We welcome you like family as soon as you enter our dental spa. Treat yourself to a cup of fresh-brewed coffee, herbal tea, or filtered water, then recline in a luxurious chair as we begin your checkup or procedure.

During treatment, catch up on your favorite Netflix shows and movies with noise-canceling headphones. Exquisite Dentistry raises the bar for comfort with a dreamy neck pillow and fluffy blanket just in case you’d like to catch some z’s.

Office Hours


8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Take a Look Around Before Your Visit

With the comforting atmosphere of a day spa, we make you feel right at home. Embrace the tranquility and bask in the organic, earth-toned décor of our dental sanctuary. Designed with rounded corners and soft features to reduce stress and anxiety, we’ve created a relaxing experience for every patient that comes in the door.

The décor, the aromatherapy and the relaxed refinement of our office give you the feel of a high-end day spa. Breathe in and relax; We want you to feel right at home.