Does Invisalign hurt your mouth?

Invisalign is a far less intrusive way to straighten your teeth than traditional braces, but many patients still ask the question — does Invisalign hurt? Any time you’re having a procedure that involves moving teeth, there is going to be some discomfort involved. However, Invisalign is generally thought to be more gentle than braces, and most patients would agree that while their teeth are sore for a few days after getting a new set of trays, it’s manageable.

The pain involved with Invisalign is generally less than metal braces, but we recommend you make an appointment with the dentist to discuss your concerns. At Exquisite Dentistry, one of the best dentists for Invisalign Braces in Southern California, we will work with you to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your treatment plan. We will help you answer the question is Invisalign painful and any others you may have.

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It’s worth it for a better smile

While traditional braces have long been the only way to get a nice, straight smile, there’s now an exciting alternative, and Invisalign braces really live up to their name. They’re so discreet it’s actually hard to tell when someone is wearing them. One of the other benefits of Invisalign is that your dentist can work at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Rather than working on your whole mouth at once, your dentist may recommend straightening your teeth more slowly to reduce pain.

Taking it one tooth at a time

The discomfort from Invisalign braces can be alleviated by focusing only on one part of your smile at a time rather than your entire mouth. Even if you do that, you’ll be surprised at the fast results you get. Nowadays, it can seem that everyone is going around with a nice, straight set of pearly whites. With Invisalign, you too can be flashing your confident smile in no time.

Get the same long-lasting effects without the metal mouth. Call Exquisite Dentistry today to discuss Invisalign.

Dr. Alexie Aguil - cosmetic dentist holding Invisalign Braces