Are Veneers Covered by Insurance?

Much of the time, treatment with dental veneers is seen as a cosmetic procedure that insurance companies do not cover.

At Exquisite Dentistry in West Los Angeles, Dr. Aguil has worked to not only create an amazing, spa-like environment for his patients – but he has also learned how to work within the rules of dental insurance to help his patients pay for the costs of enhancing your smile.

Insurance Companies Accepted by Exquisite Dentistry:

  • Aetna
  • Delta
  • Cigna
  • Guardian
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Principal
  • Humana
  • Melife
  • United Health Care

How to Make the Most of Your Insurance

While dental veneers aren’t covered by insurance, the medical procedure of having crowns (sometimes called a “cap”) fitted and attached to teeth that in need of reconstruction is normally covered up to a certain point. With this flexibility in mind, Dr. Aguil finds ways for patients to have crowns installed as part of the overall plan for fixing their smile, giving them a little financial relief in the process.

However, it needs to be pointed out that most insurance companies only typically cover 50% of the most basic crowns and have a cap around $2000 per year that can be spent on the procedure – and any upgrades or costs over that cap (as well as the cost for things like the wax used for forming the impression that is necessary to create the crown) will have to be paid for by the patient.

These costs all tend to add up, and at an estimated cost of $1800-to-$2500 per porcelain veneer, the final bill is likely going to be pretty significant. Additionally, Dr. Aguil will not do veneers for a patient getting less than 6 veneers fitted and attached, and he typically prefers to work with 10 or more veneers when helping fix a patient’s smile.

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Why Quality Veneers are Important

Veneers Covered by Insurance

Other dental offices may offer veneers lower cost, but those locations are likely able to charge less because they are going to fit patients with veneers (and crowns) made with inferior materials and crafted by companies with lower quality standards. In these situations, it’s very likely that the veneers that these patients receive are going to break or fail, causing additional dental bills down the line.

Start with your First Appointment

Start a discussion about veneers with the understanding that the procedure is viewed as an elective, cosmetic choice and not be too shocked when you are told that you will not have your veneers covered by insurance.

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