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If you have dentophobia, or suffer from a fear of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as one in five people avoid going to the dentist unless they require major dental work or something that is bad enough to require immediate attention. Unfortunately, seeing a dentist as little as once every few years or more can affect more than your oral health. Infections such as gum disease, which may present with few or no symptoms, can lead to serious health issues like heart disease and stroke. So what is a dentophobe to do?

To begin with, find a dentist that not only understands your fear but caters to it. This may require a bit of research. While you may come across practices near you that advertise that they’re “good with cowards,” check their website and call the office before making an appointment. Do they offer sedation options for regular cleanings and fillings or only for bigger procedures?

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At Exquisite Dentistry, we specialize in making every patient feel comfortable, regardless of how minor of a procedure they require. We listen to your specific needs rather than following a one-size-fits-all standard of care.

It’s the pain that you’re afraid of, right?

It’s a natural human response to avoid anything that might cause discomfort. Particularly if you’ve been through pain from dental extractions in the past, it’s understandable that you don’t want to go through that again. The good news is, you don’t have to. Pain free dentistry is absolutely possible with the right team of experts.

Whether you have a toothache or it’s simply past time to visit the dentist, the compassionate team at Exquisite Dentistry has all the tools to ensure that you have a good experience. We have perfected techniques like walking you through all the steps ahead of time and administering anesthesia in a new, painless manner that are designed to put even the most fearful patients at ease.

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With your smile the best it’s ever looked, your confidence will be at an all-time high

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Pain free dentistry to ease your nerves

Getting past your fear of going to the dentist begins with trust, which is why our patients meet the dentist in his or her office rather than a dental chair on their first visit. We offer our patients the peace of mind that comes with establishing a relationship with their doctor before they step foot in an exam room. Communication is the key to finding out what you need to feel comfortable, whether that’s sedation or not.

Call to schedule a no-cost consult or visit the website today to learn more about how the practice of pain free dentistry can help you overcome your concerns.

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Achieve a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

For missing teeth or uneven spacing, we might close the gaps with dental implants or a customized dental bridge. Working with renowned dental laboratories, we carefully design the restorations created exclusively for your mouth—reviving the full shape of your face, maintaining the strength and position of surrounding teeth, and improving enunciation.

With your smile the best it’s ever looked, your confidence will be at an all-time high. Come in and see how Dr. Aguil’s smile design can change your life!

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