Choosing Veneers for the Front 4 Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry gives you the chance to have the smile you’ve always wanted. With porcelain veneers, your teeth can be radiantly white and shaped just the way you want.

When you first talk to your dentist about veneers, they can help you decide on the details of the veneers you need, including how many teeth should be treated. If you’re looking into veneers for cosmetic reasons, dentists recommend them for your front 8 teeth on the top row and front 8 teeth on the bottom for a total of 16. This will make your smile thoroughly bright and beautiful.

So when is the right time to get veneers on your front 4 teeth? It’s typically done to repair damaged teeth. When you talk to your dentist about this, here are a few important factors to consider.

woman with veneers for her front 4 teeth

About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin strips of material bonded to the front of teeth as a way to improve shape and appearance. Porcelain veneers from Exquisite Dentistry are created with the highest-quality porcelain to be as close to the look of natural teeth as possible.

Dr. Alexie Aguil founded one of the most prestigious dental practices in Los Angeles. He’s built a reputation from years of practicing traditional and cosmetic dentistry, from veneers to Invisalign clear aligners, to root canals, laser teeth whitening, and more. This makes Dr. Aguil an expert at finding the best solution for improving your smile.

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When to get Veneers for the Front 4 Teeth

When you get veneers, it’s typically best to get them on all of your most visible teeth for a cohesive look. Although your cosmetic dentist can apply just 4 veneers on your front teeth. Your dentist may recommend this to repair chips and small cracks in the teeth, or to close gaps between teeth. This might also be done to help align your bite. Choosing 4 veneers for the front teeth is not recommended as a way to cut costs.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Alexie Aguil can help you decide on the ideal number and placement of your veneers.

It Often Takes More Than Just Veneers on Your Front 4 Teeth

Dr. Aguil recommends 8 to 12 teeth per arch to truly design a patient’s smile. This helps to account for factors like the overall bite alignment and color of all the teeth in your smile. It’s easiest to have the most natural color when the majority of your smile is made up of teeth treated with high-quality porcelain veneers.

If you look for a less expensive option to treat fewer teeth or use veneers of lower quality, you may have more issues that can be costly to address later on. Lower quality veneers will also not last nearly as long. A solid investment at the start can help you save money and prevent the extra dental work needed to fix things later on.

The Best Veneers and Greatest Service

Patients treated at Exquisite Dentistry will enjoy a spa-like environment that’s as stress-free and painless as a dentist’s office can possibly be.

Blankets, comfy chairs, noise-canceling headphones for streaming movies or listening to music. These are just some of the features that Exquisite Dentistry offers as part of every visit for their growing list of dental patients. But being a pioneer in the concept of “dental spas” is not the only reason why you should get your dental work done at Exquisite Dentistry—their experience doing amazing work on countless patients means that they’re much more than just a room with a cozy chair.

Located in West Los Angeles, Exquisite Dentistry is the premiere spot for adults to get their dental work and procedures done. With a wide variety of traditional and cosmetic services available, your one-stop spot for getting the best dental service in all of southern California is as easy as scheduling an appointment today.

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