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Cosmetic Dentist – Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach is well-known for great waves, beach volleyball, and a high quality of life. With all that the city is known for, did you realize that the area’s leading cosmetic dentist is just a short drive away? Exquisite Dentistry is the cosmetic dentist that Redondo Beach residents trust for top-quality oral care.What makes us different? It comes down to the vision of Dr. Alexie Aguil. He founded Exquisite Dentistry to transform the way dentist offices treated their patients: with personable care and total comfort! This is the approach that inspired the modern dental spa.

Services at Exquisite Dentistry

The Best Place in Los Angeles for a Beautiful Smile in Comfort

So, what exactly does a dental spa look like? It starts with welcoming team in a relaxing lobby who will offer you a fresh cup of coffee, herbal tea, or chilled water while you wait. When you sit in our comfortable chair to be seen by Dr. Aguil, you’ll be offered a warm blanket and a set of noise-canceling headphones to listen to music or watch Netflix with. Does this sound like a typical dentist’s practice to you? Make your destination for a cosmetic dentist in Redondo Beach Dr. Aguil at Exquisite Dentistry.

If you need dental implantscrowns, or veneers in Redondo Beach (just to name a few!), visit our office for a consultation. Contact us at (323) 484-7661 to schedule your appointment.