As a resident of Venice, California, you’ve got beautiful weather, an exceptional beach, and a world-class cosmetic dentist right around the corner. Make it your destination for a beautiful smile in comfort, with laser teeth whitening, Invisalign treatment, and porcelain veneers.Exquisite Dentistry was founded in 2006 by Dr. Alexie Aguil to provide an experience no one had ever seen at a dentist office before.

  • Quality & Compassionate Service: He wanted his practice to utilize the top techniques, invest in cutting-edge technology, and use only the finest materials. To this day, we still don’t cut any corners.
  • A World-Class Environment: Our office was the inspiration for the modern dental spa. From the sights, smells, and service, to the doctors and staff who treat you, expect absolute comfort every step of the way.

What Sets Exquisite Dentistry Apart

Since Exquisite opened, Dr. Aguil quickly became known as the best cosmetic dentist for Venice, California residents. His uniquely designed office is the achievement of his goals. If you’re in Venice, CA and need veneers, crowns, or even a routine cleaning, you’ll be glad you chose Exquisite Dentistry. The stress-free environment will ensure that you return home relaxed from your day at the dentist. How many dentist offices can claim that?

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