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Dental Bonding in Los Angeles

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding Exquisite Dentistry is an excellent treatment option for teeth with minor surface damage like chips, cracks, stains, or uneven edges. These imperfections can be repaired quickly and easily with resin dental bonding that covers up surface damage or reshapes a tooth. 

What to Expect

When you choose dental bonding with Exquisite Dentistry Dr. Aguil will thoroughly evaluate your overall oral dental health, discussing your preferred aesthetic and what treatment options might be best for you. 

Dental Bonding: A Simple and Affordable Solution

Dental bonding fixes small gaps, chips, and discolored teeth. It’s simpler and often cheaper than veneers and crowns. Many people choose bonding because it’s quick and easy on the wallet.

After you and Dr. Aguil pick dental bonding, the next step is choosing the right material. Dr. Aguil takes great care here. He makes sure the resin matches the color and feel of your other teeth. This helps you get a natural-looking smile that blends in seamlessly.

One big perk of Exquisite Dentistry is speed. You can often finish dental bonding in just one visit. This means you don’t need to take multiple days off work. And don’t worry, quick doesn’t mean low quality. With good care, your bonding can last for years.

Why Choose Exquisite Dentistry for Dental Bonding?

Another big plus of bonding is comfort. Most people don’t even need local anesthesia. If you’re nervous about dental work, this is a big deal. Dr. Aguil’s skill and our cutting-edge tech make sure you’re comfortable from start to finish.

At Exquisite Dentistry, we focus on you. Every treatment plan is tailored to what you need and want. Choose dental bonding with us for a smile fix that’s quick, comfortable, and built just for you.

Schedule Your Dental Bonding Consultation

Schedule your dental bonding in Los Angeles. Step into our spa-like offices and discuss your options with Dr. Aguil today. Your most exquisite smile is waiting to shine.

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Today, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy. We’ve always taken the safety of our patients, our team and our community as our highest priority and will continue to do so. This means taking extra steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment while in our care. We look forward to seeing you smile.

Be Well,
The Exquisite Dentistry Team