Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?

You can feel a searing pain in your mouth that radiates into your jawbone. It may even seem to shoot down from your mouth all the way to your toes, causing you pain that can range from irritating to severe. The aching pain feels almost constant, and you’re having difficulty getting anything accomplished because of the throbbing. Sound familiar?

If this is how you feel, you’re exhibiting some of the classic symptoms of a cracked tooth. Although you may feel like you can put off a cracked tooth repair, you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice by waiting to have it looked at.

Dr. Alexie Aguil of Exquisite Dentistry has seen hundreds of cases just like yours, and he understands the urgency of having your cracked tooth repaired quickly. To help make you aware of the severity of your condition, consider this helpful information as you ponder the next steps you’ll need to take.

Causes of a Cracked Tooth

Even though the enamel that composes your teeth is the hardest substance of the body, that doesn’t mean that your teeth are indestructible. There are several potential ways for a tooth to crack.

A cracked tooth can be the result of general wear and tear on your teeth as you age or if you grind or clench your teeth. A blow to the mouth or other accidents to the facial area can also cause cracked teeth. Chewing on hard foods like nuts, hard candy, or even ice can crack a tooth. Believe it or not, you can even crack a tooth by exposing it to extremes in temperature such as eating hot food and following it with a glass of ice cold water.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

So, how can you tell if you have a cracked tooth? There are some common cracked tooth symptoms that can help the dentist determine whether or not that is your problem. These symptoms can include pain when chewing, increased sensitivity to hot or cold, a feeling of roughness or sharp area on your tooth, and constant or intermittent pain.

However, don’t let the absence of these symptoms convince you that you don’t need cracked tooth repair. There are some instances where you may experience no pain at all, yet still be suffering from a crack in your tooth. If you’re in doubt, stop by our office and receive a professional examination. It’s not worth taking a risk!

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Risks of Leaving a Cracked Tooth Untreated

It’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage to your tooth, pulp, and nerves. An untreated cracked tooth could lead to further damage to the tooth pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels. When tooth pulp is exposed, you run a high risk of infection. Although the risk of infection may not seem to be a big issue, if your pulp and gums become infected, it can open up a host of other unpleasant health issues.

Beyond this, if the crack extends into the root, you may need to have a root canal or even an extraction. All of these more unpleasant options are normally avoidable if the cracked tooth is repaired in a timely manner.

Potential Cracked Tooth Repair Solutions

What if you suspect that you’ve cracked a tooth? If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of a cracked tooth, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for a visit to the dentist so that he or she can determine the exact nature of the problem and provide the best treatment options. It’s important to do this as quickly as possible.

As far as the type of cracked tooth repair that will be utilized in your unique case, Dr. Aguil tells his patients that the type of fracture and its severity determines the form of treatment he utilizes. MInor cracks rarely need treatment, but more serious issues such as a fractured cusp, vertical crack, or split tooth may require dental crowns, root canals, or endodontic surgery.

If the crack has progressed too far, it’s possible you may need to have a extraction. However, Dr. Aguil can replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant or customized dental bridge which will provide you with a very natural looking result.

Cracked Tooth Repair From Exquisite Dentistry

At Exquisite Dentistry, we provide general dentistry services as well as root canal procedures, dental crowns, and implants to patients in Los Angeles. Centrally located, Dr. Alexie Aguil sees patients from West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile, and Hancock Park. Whether you live in the Los Angeles area, or you’re visiting town and you have a cracked tooth repair emergency, Exquisite Dentistry is uniquely qualified to help your situation.

Dr. Alexie Aguil and his team at Exquisite Dentistry are known for the attention that they give to patient care and comfort and are constantly striving to make every appointment as pain-free as possible.

When you visit our West Hollywood office, you’ll immediately notice a difference between our practice and other area dentists. In fact, our patients often remark to us that our office more resembles a spa than a dentist’s office, and we’re glad they feel that way. We diffuse essential oils throughout the office to help give a sense of peace and calming. You’ll find comfortable chairs and soft lighting will help ease some of your nerves as well. Once you’re ready for your cracked tooth repair, you’ll be handed a warm blanket and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. You can watch your favorite Netflix movie in comfort while Dr. Aguil and his team complete your procedure. Also, for those who would prefer, we offer pain-free sedation dentistry as well.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a cracked tooth, contact us today for for a consultation. We’ll help make your cracked tooth repair as seamless and simple as possible.

Cracked Tooth Repair from Exquisite Dentistry
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