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As a premier dentist in West Hollywood, Dr. Alexie Aguil brings an exceptional level of quality to all our treatments, including dental bridge procedures. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Aguil and our team at Exquisite Dentistry pride ourselves on always providing a dental experience you’ll love. With numerous uses, both cosmetic and general, our caring dental bridge techniques will bring out the bright, healthy smile you want.

Stress free dentistry. Get cozy and watch your favorite Netflix movie or TV show during your treatment.

The Many Benefits of a Dental Bridge

The reasons why Dr. Alexie Aguil may recommend a dental bridge are numerous. A bridge is bonded to other teeth or implants to fill gaps in the mouth where a tooth is missing. There are different types of dental bridges. Some are meant to be kept in the mouth at all times while others can be taken out by the person wearing them.

By filling an area that was previously empty, bridges can:

  • Restore the shape of your face. When teeth are missing, cheeks can appear sunken, or the mouth closes further than normal, causing the face to look squished a bit.
  • Restore enunciation. Your teeth are an important part of proper pronunciation. Imagine making a “Th” sound without your front teeth, for example, and you can easily get the idea.
  • Maintain strong teeth. Empty areas of your mouth can cause problems for the remaining teeth as well. Because there is now space where there were once teeth, the lack of pressure can lead to other teeth becoming loose and even falling out.
  • Distribute pressure evenly. The pressure on teeth is evenly distributed when chewing if all teeth are present. When there is no tooth to fill in the gap, the added pressure accelerates the normal wear and tear on the remaining teeth.

A Dental Bridge for Better Living

Once you and Dr. Aguil have decided that a dental bridge is your best option, the next step is to prepare for bridge placement. In order to create a dental bridge matching your particular mouth and bite, Dr. Aguil will take an impression of your mouth. The result will be sent to a local dental laboratory where the high-quality bridge will be customized to perfectly fit your smile.

When you come in to have your dental bridge temporarily cemented, it may take a little longer than a filling. At Exquisite Dentistry, though, you can relax in our luxurious dentist chairs, put on comfortable headphones, and watch your favorite Netflix movie or show!

After the initial placement, you will need to come back for a follow-up visit in order to ensure that the dental bridge is solidly placed, comfortable and functioning properly. It will then be permanently cemented. With our day spa-quality experience, you’ll be glad to relax in our West Hollywood office one more time!

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Since a dental bridge is meant to replace sections of teeth, it is very important that they look and fit correctly. This is why finding the best dentist Los Angeles has to offer will benefit you and your smile. We’d love to hear from you! If you think you may need a dental bridge, contact Exquisite Dentistry to find out more.