Dental crowns are used to restore functionality and beauty to your teeth. Our dentist can provide you with crowns made of materials that look similar to your natural teeth. A tooth crown completely covers your existing tooth, but a great dental crown will look like a natural part of your smile.

Dental crowns can be made of a number of substances, such as gold or silver alloy, but are often comprised of a porcelain-like material. We prefer to use all-porcelain crowns made from zirconium. We believe this is the best material because of its strength, superior color-matching abilities and its transparent properties, which will closely match the natural teeth around it.

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Your tooth may have been repaired with a filling years ago. At that time, parts of the tooth were drilled out and restored with a filling. Over time, the structure of the tooth weakens and may crack. This can allow cavities to form inside the tooth, causing further damage to the existing tooth. If decay infects the pulp and nerve structure of the tooth, your dentist may need to perform a root canal procedure. In many cases following root canal therapy, the tooth needs to be restored for proper West Hollywood dental health and to maintain a beautiful Hollywood smile.


The tooth, or teeth, will be sculpted to prepare for the dental crown. Impressions of the new tooth structure are then taken by your dentist. This ensures that the crown will fit perfectly, will feel comfortable, and will last for many years. Once the impressions are complete, your dentist will place a temporary “crown” on the tooth to protect it.

Exquisite Dentistry sends these “impressions” to one of the best dental laboratories for fabrication. The careful, handcrafted process for creating your new crown takes about two weeks. After the crown is complete and ready to be placed, it will be fitted over your tooth and then permanently sealed with an advanced dental material. Your new dental crown should give you many years of beautiful, healthy smiles brightening up Beverly Hills.

An important part of a great general and cosmetic dentist in the West Hollywood area, here are a few reasons dental crowns might be used:

  • Restoring the tooth after root canal therapy
  • Fitting bridges
  • Other dental implants
  • Partial dentures
  • Replacing teeth damaged by accidents
  • Some people even choose to get crowns due to discoloration of their teeth or other aesthetic reasons.

Crowns are usually chosen over veneers when the area of the tooth needing to be covered is large, since veneers are generally used when smaller portions of the teeth need to be improved. Crowns and veneers may also be used for a cosmetic “smile make-over” strictly for their aesthetic beauty.


With proper dental care, dental crowns can last a very long time. Some West Hollywood dental patients never need a replacement. It is not guaranteed that your crown will last forever, but a high-quality crown should last many years. Proper brushing, flossing, and the quality of the dental work provided by your dentist all play factors in the care and longevity of your crowns.

But even the best restorations are not as strong as natural teeth, and special care should be taken after any restoration. By scheduling regular exams with your dentist, you can catch many problems before they become serious. In fact, you may be able to avoid needing dental crowns at all by visiting your dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings.

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