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An Invisalign Dentist in Los Angeles

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The #1 Invisalign® Provider in Los Angeles

Why Invisalign at Exquisite Dentistry?

Invisalign is the leading teeth straightening system for so many reasons. Discreet. Predictable. Fast. Convenient. Affordable.

And no one in the Los Angeles area does Invisalign better than cosmetic dentist Dr. Aguil, a Gold Plus Invisalign provider, member of the AACA (American Academy of Clear Aligners) and an Invisalign National Galler group member. This means that Align Technologies, the maker of Invisalign, recognizes Dr. Aguil’s higher level of education and decades of experience with Invisalign technology. And the results show.

How Invisalign and Dr. Aguil Achieve Stellar Smiles

Whether you’re looking for small, aesthetic changes, or major structural improvements, Invisalign, in the expert hands of Dr. Aguil, provides stunningly impressive results.

Invisalign teeth straightening uses a series of custom-made clear aligners, designed to conveniently and discreetly shift your teeth into the natural smile that you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign can rectify your gaps, correct your bite, and help prevent the premature wear of your teeth, gums, and bone, which is often caused by teeth misalignment.

With comfortable and unnoticable aligners, Invisalign offers all of the impact of traditional braces—but in less time, for a lower cost, and without the hassle and discomfort of metal brackets and wires.

Dental Patients in Los Angeles Received Invisalign For Their:

Invisalign for Teens


Graduating from high school or college, or getting your Master’s degree or Doctorate, is an incredible accomplishment. At any level of education, the completion of a diploma or degree is certainly something to smile about! But what if your smile leaves you less than happy?

Invisalign clear aligners are ideal for those who prefer to avoid the “metal mouth” look of traditional braces and instead opt for something more discreet. While you finish your studies, you can be straightening your teeth and graduate out of your Invisalign clear aligners at the same time you grab your diploma or degree! What a terrific reason to show off a new smile. Nothing goes better with your cap and gown than a beautiful smile from your Invisalign dentist!

Invisalign for Kids


Few kids feel confident with worn or crooked smiles. Many parents look toward braces to straighten crooked teeth, but long gone are the days where embarrassing, clunky metal braces were the only option. If your child dreads the idea of wearing traditional metal tracks that overshadow their smile, then consider visiting the dentist to receive Invisalign!

By applying a series of clear plastic molds fitted specifically to your teen’s mouth, Invisalign helps your teen straighten their teeth and smile confidently — at the same time!

Dental Treatment for Wedding


If you are self-conscious about your smile, perhaps because your teeth are a little crooked or not lined up right, you certainly don’t want to be thinking of that as you walk down the aisle. Invisalign with the dentists at Exquisite Dentistry can help you achieve the picture perfect or movie star smile of your dreams just in time for your wedding day!

Invisalign for Teens


After graduation, you will be heading out into the real world to interview in hopes of landing your dream job. The reality is, those who look more confident, polished and put together are going to be more likely to get a job when competing with someone who has equal qualifications. Get yourself a step ahead of the competition by showing off a confident and inviting smile!

Invisalign Technology, Exquisite Personal Touch

Dr. Aguil takes pride in the smiles he transforms, the confidence he helps boost, the relaxing ambiance his office provides, and his knowledge of the most up-to-date Invisalign techniques and technology. It’s the reason that Exquisite Dentistry is continuously ranked the #1 Invisalign provider out of 300 private practices in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Hundreds of Californians choose Exquisite Dentistry every year. 

The Invisalign Los Angeles Exquisite Dentistry Proven Process

Using our advanced iTero scanner, we first take a complete digital scan of your teeth. Working with your bone structure and profile, we capture a lot of photos, and consider your entire appearance, so that your smile movement synchronizes with your face shape to predict an accurate long-term result. 

With our computer software, we then build a predictive model of how the individual aligners will shift your teeth, and show you the final result with a generated simulation. You’ll be able to see your beautiful new smile before you even start your treatment! We are so dedicated to keeping your mouth and body healthy, we track tooth movement with updated digital scans, year after year.

Straighten Your Teeth The Modern Way

Whether you’re a teenager or business professional, a bride-to-be or competitive athlete, Invisalign fits your smile and your lifestyle.

Live your life. You’ll be given a series of clear aligners which are each worn for about a week. While you go about your day, your invisible clear aligners are constantly working to perfectly straighten your teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are only taken out for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. 

Just months. With regular visits to Dr. Aguil, the Invisalign process can be completed in as little as 6 months. Exquisite Dentistry is one of the few providers that use the Fast Track™ Aligner Accelerator to move teeth quickly—an option that is only exclusively available through top Invisalign dentists.

As every case is unique, consulting with Dr. Aguil is the best way to determine length of treatment and how quickly you can reveal your exquisite smile. 

Visualize The Invisalign Experience At Exquisite Dentistry

Is Invisalign the best teeth straightening solution for you? Take a quick selfie to see a digital before & after photo! Then contact Exquisite Dentistry to schedule a consultation with the Invisalign cosmetic dentist who leads in creating beautiful smiles in Los Angeles, Dr. Aguil.

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Today, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy. We’ve always taken the safety of our patients, our team and our community as our highest priority and will continue to do so. This means taking extra steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment while in our care. We look forward to seeing you smile.

Be Well,
The Exquisite Dentistry Team