Controlled Sedation That Prevents Pain

Sedation techniques are meant to comfort patients—not cause unnecessary pain. For cosmetic and general dentistry procedures, we make your peace of mind our priority.

If you need local anesthesia (as for a dental filling), we use a technique called onset buffering. Anesthesia shots often sting because your body’s pH level is higher than the acidic anesthesia’s. To ensure a pain-free shot, onset buffering raises the anesthesia’s pH level before it gets to you, neutralizing its acidity to prevent stinging and burning.

When necessary, we use nitrous oxide for our controlled inhalation sedation. “Laughing gas” helps you relax and fall asleep as you watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies—just like you would on your couch.

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Pain-Free Dental Treatment and Sedation in West Hollywood

Take the Drama Out of Oral Health

Fear can cause patients to postpone—and even skip—routine dental checkups. Do this over time, and not only does your oral health suffer, your overall bodily wellness is likely to take a hit too.

Luckily, your trip to the dentist doesn’t need to be a cause for drama. By reducing pain and increasing comfort, Exquisite Dentistry can ensure that you look forward to the dentist—or at least ease your fear factor.

It starts with an pleasant, non-harried initial phone call. Then, you come in and see us—at first just for a chat (completely on us). Your first dental visit follows this pattern: caring, comfortable, capable.

In time, scheduling an appointment at our office is nearly as effortless as planning lunch with a dear friend. We build personal relationships with our patients to establish long-term comfort—after all, we plan to see you at least twice a year to keep you and your mouth healthy.

Oral Wellness is Just One Call Away

Our relaxing environment and sedation methods help set the tone for our pain-free treatments. With your mind at ease, your body can enjoy the full Exquisite Dentistry experience. Feel the comfort of our luxurious dental chairs, cozy neck pillows, and warm, fluffy blankets. Inhale the wafting aroma of essential oils and calming scented candles—and always leave with a brighter, wider smile.

Don’t let nerves get in the way of having the smile of your dreams—or of having vibrant overall health. Call us today for a consultation, and experience comfortable dentistry as you never have before.