Expert Sedation Dentistry in West Hollywood: A Soothing, Pain-free Experience

Dr. Alexie Aguil and our team at Exquisite Dentistry in Beverly Hills understand that for some patients even a simple check-up at the dentist can be stressful. To help put patients at ease while they receive the dental care they deserve, our team creates an atmosphere and experience as soothing as a day spa. We use the latest sedation dentistry techniques and technology to ensure you experience as little discomfort as possible no matter which type of treatment you receive. By reducing pain and increasing comfort, Exquisite Dentistry can ensure that you look forward to the dentist with a lot less fear.

Exquisite Dentistry provides the most relaxing and comfortable type of inhalation sedation dentistry, and more. In addition, our patients love the day spa atmosphere and luxurious level of comfort that our office and dentist provide. Don’t let nerves or fear stop you seeing the dentist. Speak to our team to learn whether sedation dentistry is right for you.

Your Beverly Hills Sedation Dentistry Options

If you need local anesthesia (as for a dental filling), we use a technique called onset buffering. Anesthesia shots often sting because your body’s pH level is higher than that of acidic anesthesia. To ensure a pain-free shot, onset buffering raises the anesthesia’s pH level before it gets to you, neutralizing its acidity to prevent stinging and burning while numbing almost immediately.

When necessary, we use nitrous oxide for our controlled inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” helps calm your nerves as you enter a gentle state of general well-being. After you lie back in our cozy dental chairs, you can watch your favorite Netflix program on our HDTVs as you listen on our luxurious headphones, which also help to eliminate any unwelcome noises during the procedure.

Once inhalation sedation dentistry has begun, many patients report entering a relaxed state during which things that may have caused undue stress in the past become much less noticeable. Best of all, nitrous oxide will leave your system just a few minutes after inhalation stops, meaning you won’t feel any lingering effects from your sedation after treatment is over.

Trust Exquisite Dentistry with Your Oral Health

Time is one of the most beneficial aspects of Exquisite Dentistry’s elite level of treatment. You might be surprised how little time it takes your dentist to provide the best possible care. From our gentle teeth cleaning to teeth whitening, to root canals and beyond, we take pride in providing the highest quality care, and make every effort to shorten the time you need to spend in the dental chair. Our patients have described the root canal procedures from our dentist, for example, as “like a filling that took a little longer.”

Our relaxing environment and sedation methods help set the tone for our pain-free treatments. With your mind at ease, your body can enjoy the full Exquisite Dentistry experience. Feel the comfort of our luxurious dental chairs, cozy neck pillows, and warm, fluffy blankets. Inhale the wafting aroma of essential oils and calming scented candles — and always leave with a brighter, happier smile.

In time, scheduling an appointment at our office is nearly as effortless as planning lunch with a dear friend. We build personal relationships with our patients to establish long-term comfort — after all, we plan to see you at least twice a year to keep you, your mouth and your body healthy.

Don’t let nerves get in the way of having the smile of your dreams, or having optimal overall health. Call us today for a consultation, and experience comfortable dentistry as you never have before.