Dental Implants, Dentures, and More: Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Alex Aguil in Los Angeles, CA

Restorative dentistry at the practice of Dr. Alex Aguil of Los Angeles, CA, aims to repair damaged teeth while restoring a patient’s smile to its beautiful best. Restorative treatments such as dental implants, dentures, all-porcelain crowns and bridges not only restore structural integrity to teeth that have been damaged by infection, decay, or breakage, they also enhance the appearance of the patient’s smile, thanks to Dr. Aguil’s artistic skill. All dental restorations are fabricated using the strongest, most durable, and most natural-looking materials.

Dental Implants

When one of our patients from the Los Angeles area is missing one or more teeth, Dr. Aguil recommends dental implants as the most permanent and natural-looking solution. Though dental implants cost more than dentures or porcelain dental bridges, they simply can’t be beat in terms of low maintenance, comfort, and natural appearance. Implants are replacement tooth roots made of titanium that are surgically grafted to the jawbone and fitted with porcelain replacement teeth. To learn more about dental implants and dental implant restoration, contact the West Hollywood, CA, practice of Dr. Aguil today for a consultation.


When a patient is missing multiple teeth, dentures custom fitted by Dr. Aguil at his Los Angeles, CA, practice are an affordable solution. Unlike the ill-fitting dentures of your grandparents’ generation, modern dentures are crafted for a more comfortable fit and a natural appearance. Dr. Aguil will work with you to create dentures that not only feel great, but also restore your smile to its beautiful best.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, commonly referred to as “caps,” fit entirely over a damaged tooth to lend structural support as well as smile enhancement. Dr. Aguil also commonly employs porcelain dental crowns after a patient receives a root canal. Unlike porcelain veneers, which only cover the front of a tooth, a dental crown is designed to fit over the whole tooth, so moderate preparation in the form of tooth size reduction is necessary to get the best fit. Since Dr. Aguil uses only the finest materials to craft all-porcelain crowns at his Los Angeles, CA, dentistry practice, his restorative dentistry patients enjoy natural-looking restorations that will keep their smiles healthy for years to come.

Dental Bridges

At his practice in West Hollywood, CA, Dr. Aguil can use a dental bridge to literally “bridge” the gap left when a patient is missing one or more teeth. When a patient loses a tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift towards the gap that remains. It is important to fill this space to maintain a proper bite and prevent wear on remaining teeth. A dental bridge crafted from top-quality porcelain consists of a replacement tooth that is attached to crowns on either side. While a dental bridge is not as permanent as dental implants, it is a more affordable solution and requires less daily maintenance than dentures.

Root Canals: Endodontics by Dr. Alex Aguil

Alex Aguil, D.D.S., has undergone extended training in the field of endodontics. Endodontics is the field of dentistry that focuses on the inner tissue of the tooth, also known as tooth pulp. The most common endodontic procedure is the root canal, which aims to save tooth structure by removing infected tooth pulp. While most patients associate root canal therapy with pain, this treatment is actually designed to eliminate the pain caused by infection. Most of Dr. Aguil’s root canal patients express great relief after undergoing a root canal treatment under his gentle hands.

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At the practice of Dr. Alex Aguil in Los Angeles, CA, the latest technology and cosmetic artistry are used to create first-class restorative dentistry results. If you would like to learn more about the restorative dentistry solutions we offer, or to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants or dentures, contact Dr. Aguil today and schedule a private consultation. We also invite you to visit our before-and-after photo gallery to see the transformative results restorative dentistry and Dr. Aguil can provide.