State-of-the-Art Teeth Cleaning in West Hollywood & LA

Invigorate Your Smile with a Stress-Free Teeth Cleaning

People often associate professional teeth cleaning with scraping and bleeding gums—it’s no wonder many patients dread going to the dentist.

That’s why Exquisite Dentistry in West Hollywood uses the gentlest but most effective dental technology, substituting hydro-sonic water jet cleaning for traditional techniques whenever possible. The Prophy-Jet combines air, water and gentle sodium bicarbonate to polish your teeth, enriching your smile without irritation. You’ll be happy about how shiny and smooth your teeth will be.

Sit Back and Relax as Your Smile Brightens

Accommodating your level of sensitivity, we create the ideal treatment for you—maximizing your comfort and minimizing your time in the chair. We take a gentle approach to teeth cleaning, so you can relax instead of clutching the armrests.

Catch up on your favorite Netflix shows and movies, and breathe in the soothing aromas of essential oils while we revitalize your smile. Contact our West Hollywood office to schedule an appointment and find out how much you can actually enjoy a teeth cleaning at Exquisite Dentistry!

Keep Up with Your Regular Teeth Cleanings

Every time you eat or drink, plaque begins to build up on your teeth and along your gum line. Regular brushing and flossing can limit this buildup, but these healthy habits don’t eliminate 100% of bacteria.

When plaque debris hardens, it becomes tartar, which can be impossible to remove with brushing and flossing alone. These bacteria often lead to gum disease and other serious dental complications. To avoid tartar buildup and maintain your overall oral wellness, be sure to keep up with your regular teeth cleaning appointments.

Looking to experience your first calming professional teeth cleaning? Call us today for an appointment.