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Testimonials of Exquisite Dentistry

What They Say About Us

Your experience and satisfaction are everything to us here at Exquisite Dentistry. But don’t take our word for it, read reviews from our patients and decide for yourself.

Professional, friendly and very welcoming staff; clean office/clinic; the best quality of service I've received from a dentist all my life starting with the front desk to the dentist chair. I've been in LA for 8 years and so thankful I finally found a great professional like Dr. Aguil. His hands are blessed! Highly recommended.

Talita Fonseca Avatar
Talita Fonseca

Dr. Agil is an amazing dentist. Patient, efficient and professional. The staff is always so welcoming and warm .
Can’t say enough good things about Exquisite Dentistry.

Natasha Espiedra Avatar
Natasha Espiedra

The best experience at a dentist I’ve ever had. Exquisite Dentistry was recommended to me after a nightmare experience with another dentist. Dr. Aguil’s knowledge and skill are simply unmatched. He’s a true artist and I know that I am in great hands. The entire team is warm, friendly and organized. I’m so grateful to Exquisite Dentistry for giving me my smile back!

Charlene Westbrook Avatar
Charlene Westbrook

I had a great experience at Exquisite Dentistry. The Dentist and the entire staff were so kind and gentle. It helped make the appointment feel less stressful as going to the dentist is not usually my favorite thing to do. I highly recommend them!

chara Josias Avatar
chara Josias

This is the most professional dentist office I’ve ever been to. The staff is so welcoming, the office is immaculately clean, and the quality of service is the best. They’ll even have your favorite television show showing while you’re getting worked on. I’m a lifelong client for sure.

AET 10 surveying Avatar
AET 10 surveying

Dr. Aguil and his staff were very accommodating during my visits. I had a regular clean in November 2021 and with his inspection, he mentioned that I had several cavities to take care of before it gets worse. I received a quote for the removal of my cavities in 2021 but decided to proceed with the procedure in October 2022. It was convenient that they still had my quote and patient info on file and I was able to set up my appointment instantly. They also accepted my dental insurance so that was a relief as well.

Before going to Exquisite Dentistry, I went to other questionable clinics where I felt scared and uncomfortable. Their clinic is clean and up to date with all new technology and equipment. You’re able to watch shows on Netflix while getting your cavities removed and they offer hot towels after the treatment! Their service is exceptional. I was also able to see the before and after photos of my teeth which was very fascinating. If I prolonged the care, the decay could’ve reached the nerve and I would’ve had to have a root canal. Dr. Aguil's work was seamless and beautifully done.

Parking might be difficult if you don’t want to pay $3 every 15 minutes from the lot next to the clinic. Alternatively, you can park in the structure next to the parking lot where 2 hours are free if you get your ticket validated at one of the restaurants. I was able to find street parking 1-2 blocks down (watch out for street signs if you don’t want to get ticketed or towed).

Julie Luu Avatar
Julie Luu

I have always hated going to the dentist and usually get so nervous that I begin to sweat. Not with Exquisite dentistry! The office is impeccable, the staff is friendly and welcoming, and I have never had any anxiety inside their offices like I have at every other dentist. Highly recommended.

eldon anthony Avatar
eldon anthony

Dr. Águil was covering for my normal dentist, and were able to squeeze me in last minute. The entire staff, and Dr. Aguil, were kind, gracious, and patient with all my inane questions. Highly recommend!

Robert Morris Avatar
Robert Morris

Always a fantastic experience. It's not often you find a dentist that listens to your needs. Dr. Aguile and his staff take the time, to listen, discuss and then deliver what is best. Pics to follow soon!

Rob Nolan Avatar
Rob Nolan
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Be Well,
The Exquisite Dentistry Team