Top 4 Netflix Shows to Explore From the Dentist’s Chair

Top Netflix Shows to Explore From the Dentists Chair

It was like pulling teeth. Everyone knows that idiom. It refers to something difficult that you don’t want to do—and that doesn’t happen easily. We understand that sometimes going to the dentist feels like pulling teeth, both literally and figuratively. You’d rather be spending your time doing something you enjoy, like watching a relaxing Netflix show. But of course, you can’t stream your favorite shows at the dentist. Right?

Believe it or not, you can do just that at Exquisite Dentistry! Our dental spa environment is unique, and we want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. Our office offers you the capability to catch up on your favorite shows and movies with noise-canceling headphones.

Not sure what show to watch while you’re getting your cosmetic dental work done? Here are our top suggestions from the folks at our office for some relaxing, smile-inducing Netflix shows to stream during your next appointment.

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1. Chill With Bob Ross

For those unfamiliar, Bob Ross was the well-coiffed host of PBS series The Joy of Painting. On each broadcast, Ross taught viewers how to paint beautiful landscapes while discussing the joys of life and art. Netflix’s Chill With Bob Ross presents a number of episodes from the series that focus on peaceful, winter scenes. The show is simple and calming. You may find yourself drifting off to sleep mid-teeth-cleaning.

2. Planet Earth

Are you ready to be entertained by some of the most stunning sights in the world, all while learning more about our planet at the same time? This Emmy award-winning series takes you from the highest peaks to the depths of the mysterious ocean. Whether you’re in for a quick cleaning or a more intensive root canal, relax while enjoying the breathtaking cinematography of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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3. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Why not see the world all from the safety of the dentist’s chair? Follow along with the late, great chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain as he explores lesser known cultures and cuisines. Join Anthony as he visits a temple in Myanmar or slurps down some oysters in Glasgow. You’ll leave our offices with a healthy smile and a major case of the travel bug.

4. Sherlock

Enjoy a modern twist on a classic tale with BBC’s hit series Sherlock. You’ll be captivated as the indomitable Sherlock Holmes (along with his long suffering friend Doctor John Watson) match wits with some of London’s most notorious criminals, including the infamous James Moriarty. You’ll be so intrigued with all the plot twists and turns that your time in the chair will fly by.

Does Benedict Cumberbatch’s pearly whites have you feeling a bit envious? Take a look at our Invisalign and laser teeth whitening services and find out how they can work for you.

Your dental appointment doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. At Exquisite Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering comfortable, pain-free care and our relaxing Netflix offerings are just one part that equation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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