Top LA Cosmetic Dentist Answers Your Questions: Are Veneers a Good Investment?

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Are you looking to enhance your smile and boost your confidence? Dental veneers offer the best solution that can transform the appearance of your teeth, addressing issues such as discoloration, chipping, misalignment, and irregularities in shape. 

As a top cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Alexie Aguil at Exquisite Dentistry understands the importance of making informed decisions about your dental investments. In this article, Dr. Aguil answers some common questions and provides insights into whether veneers are a good investment for you.

What are dental veneers and what do they help with?

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front surface of teeth, often in addition to dental crowns. They help improve the appearance of teeth by addressing issues such as discoloration, chipping, misalignment, or irregularities in shape. At Exquisite Dentistry, we use the highest-quality materials to ensure that our veneers are of the utmost quality. Through a meticulous process involving digital impressions, professional ceramists, and careful adjustments, we craft the most refined, natural-looking veneers for each of our patients. The LA market, in general, wants a super white, Hollywood smile, so Dr. Aguil uses his “special powers” to finesse the most natural-looking shade of dazzling white.

How soon do veneers work?

Veneers can give you a whole new set of teeth nearly immediately. The results of veneers are fast and dramatic, with our patients having their final veneers in as little as 3 to 6 weeks. 

Our veneer process at Exquisite Dentistry typically involves several visits. During the evaluation and modeling visit, we capture digital impressions and work with a professional ceramist to design a model of your porcelain veneers. Dr. Aguil and his ceramist have custom-crafted veneers together for many years. In the veneer preparation visit, the temporary restorations are set until the final veneers are complete. Patients are then provided a two-week trial period to assess their veneers’ look, feel, and function. The third visit involves finalizing and bonding the custom porcelain veneers, ensuring the shape and color are exactly right for you.

How long do veneers last?

With proper care and maintenance, veneers can last 10 to 15 years or even longer. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene, such as brushing, flossing, and keeping a hygiene appointment every 4-6 months, are essential for their longevity. It is also important to treat veneers with care, avoiding habits like biting on hard objects or using teeth as tools, which can potentially damage them. With proper care, you maximize the longevity and value of your investment.

Are veneers a good option for everyone?

Veneers are suitable for many, many people and in many cases. However, a comprehensive dental evaluation is necessary to determine their suitability for your specific needs. Factors such as tooth and gum health, bite alignment, and overall oral condition should be assessed to ensure that veneers are a viable option for you.

Can veneers fix all types of dental imperfections?

Veneers are highly versatile and can address a wide range of cosmetic issues, but not all dental imperfections. Veneers are effective in concealing dental imperfections such as chipped, oddly shaped, crooked, or discolored teeth. However, severe misalignment or extensive tooth damage may require alternative treatments like orthodontics or dental crowns. A highly-trained and experienced cosmetic dentist can determine the most appropriate solution for your unique situation.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of veneers varies based on factors such as material and the number of teeth being treated. While high-quality veneers and crowns require an upfront investment of around $2,000-2,500 per tooth, their long-lasting aesthetic benefits often make them a worthwhile investment. It is important to discuss the cost and payment options with your insurance provider and dentist.

Are veneers worth the cost?

Investing in dental veneers can provide you with a fast and dramatic change, resulting in the beautiful and confident smile of your dreams. While the cost of custom-made veneers may require a considerable investment, the long-term benefits and the boost in confidence, they provide make them valuable for your oral health and overall well-being. Whether you’re an actor, a model, or a professional who is constantly seen in meetings and presentations — an investment in your smile is an investment in your earnings potential.

Investing in Dental Veneers

Exquisite Results

At Exquisite Dentistry, our veneers are crafted from the highest quality porcelain, yielding the thinnest possible surface and minimizing the reduction in natural tooth structure. Dr. Aguil’s expertise as a cosmetic dentist and veneer expert ensures that veneers are tailored to each patient–and each tooth–yielding the most natural-looking and beautiful results.

With dental veneers, you can transform your appearance, boost your self-esteem, and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile for years to come. Trust the expert team at Exquisite Dentistry to guide you through the veneer process and deliver outstanding results.

Contact Exquisite Dentistry today and take the first step toward achieving your most beautiful smile.

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