What Are Some Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth?

Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

You want your smile to dazzle—in person and in photos. So when your pearly whites begin to lose their shine, you need a whitening solution that’s convenient, safe, and effective. With multiple popular teeth-whitening options on the market, you want to make sure you choose the best solution for your long-term beauty and wellness.

Before choosing a treatment, it is important to discuss whitening options with your dentist—especially if you’ve had dental work done. Whitening only affects your actual teeth, so your smile may lose its natural look if you have crowns, bridges, or fillings. Your dentist will also be able to predict how your teeth will react to treatment, based on your age, the strength of your enamel, and other factors.

Over-the-Counter Solutions

Those looking for easy ways to whiten your teeth may immediately think about teeth-whitening kits you can find at the store. Whitening strips and trays bought at drugstores and other retailers may make your teeth look whiter in as little as two weeks, but they only reduce surface stains—often with inconsistent, short-lived results.

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Since over-the-counter whiteners are considered cosmetic products, they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Common complaints and side effects include gum irritation and a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity. If you already have sensitive teeth or if you’ve had plenty of dental work in the past, OTC products may not be the best solution for you. In short, while kits may be an easy teeth whitening method, it’s also the least effective and most risky.

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Dentist-Supervised, At-Home Bleaching

While most whitening strips only cover portions of your smile, custom-made bleaching trays can whiten all of your teeth. Your dentist can fit you with a tray—which reduces the risk of bleach contacting your gums, in turn lowering your risk of gum irritation.

This method is supervised by your dentist, so they can monitor how your teeth and gums react to treatment, and adjust the concentration of bleach accordingly. You may notice results in about two weeks if you perform the technique daily.

In-office Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for an easy way to whiten your teeth, the first two options are time-consuming and messy. The easiest teeth whitening method is to have your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office. Dr. Alexie Aguil at Exquisite Dentistry utilizes the Zoom Advanced teeth whitening system to produce the fastest, longest-lasting results. In less than 90 minutes, you can achieve a younger, healthier, more confident smile—all without messy trays or uncomfortable side effects.

Exquisite Dentistry performs Zoom Advanced teeth whitening treatment—making sure every patient is comfortable and relaxed. For lasting radiance, we find this solution gives you a consistent, polished look, and brightens your smile for the long haul.

Want to learn more about our laser teeth whitening treatment? Contact us today and learn more. We want to help you achieve the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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