How Do I Choose a High-End Dental Office?

Do you smile with your lips closed or your hand in front of your mouth? Do you hate taking pictures because you don’t want anyone to see your teeth? Maybe you feel like your career has been held back because your smile isn’t everything it could be? If this is how you feel, you’re not alone.

Being unhappy with your teeth can really take a bite out of your confidence. The good news is that Exquisite Dentistry can help. We understand that having a set of straight, white teeth can make all the difference in the world. We’ve helped thousands of patients get the smile they deserve, and we’re confident we can help you too.

Perhaps you’ve known for a while that you need to visit the dentist, but the process of going to the dentist gives you anxiety. You’re not the only one! That’s why high-end dental offices exist, to provide high-end dentistry in a soothing, comforting environment. If you’re looking to find a dentist like this, Exquisite Dentistry can help. We’ve worked hard to create an office that our patients love, and we’re happy to share with you what makes a high-end dental office so unique.

High-End Dental Offices Have the Best Technology

If you need some help developing a smile you can be proud of, you’ll want to consider cosmetic dentistry. In the past, this meant that you’d have to put up with a mouth full of metal for two years. However, high-end dentistry offers newer, more effective solutions. Today’s cosmetic dentistry offers many innovative ways to improve your teeth’s appearance, from laser teeth-whitening to veneers.

At Exquisite Dentistry, we have the latest in laser teeth whitening technology. Our Zoom! Advanced teeth whitening system can provide you teeth that are eight shades whiter in about an hour. No bleach. No messy trays. No need for multiple visits to the dentist.

We also utilize cutting-edge technology such as the 3D Orthophos SL Cone Beam, which assists in high-quality dental implants, and the VELscope Vx, which catches oral cancer at its very earliest stages. You’ll especially love our iTero Scanner, which can show you the final results of your intended treatment in just minutes.

High-End Dental Offices Have the Best Atmosphere

We’ve all experienced the traditional dentist office. The lobby filled with year-old magazines you have no interest in reading. The bright lights shined in your eyes while you’re tipped back in a hard, vinyl-covered chair. The loud buzzing of dental equipment. It seems like the entire experience seems to be designed to make you uneasy from the moment your walk through the front door.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better to visit a dentist office where you can actually relax? Imagine an environment that was created to ease the frayed nerves of dental patients. It would be the kind of place that more resembled a spa than a dentist’s office. The lighting would be soft, the décor would be tasteful, and the air would smell of peaceful essential oils. You’d sit in a comfortable chair with a warm blanket. Instead of listening to the sound of a drill, you could listen to your favorite music with noise cancelling headphones. If only you could find such a place!

The good news is that such a place already exists: Exquisite Dentistry. Our dental spa atmosphere will surprise you. But, once you experience our unique, relaxing office once, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional dentist’s office again!

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High-End Dental Offices Have the Best Team

Of course, all of these wonderful tools and amenities are of little value if the office’s dentists and team are not caring and compassionate. You need to have a dentist who will carefully listen to your concerns and will help you feel confident that your needs are being put first.

Dr. Alexie Aguil and his team at his team have been providing high-end dentistry to their patients since 2006. At the time, Dr. Aguil recognized the glaring problem in dentistry: the lack of high-end dental offices that can provide a next-level experience. He set about fixing this issue when he opened his office. He put his years of experience in patient care into creating a holistic practice that treats the entire person. Your comfort is his main concern. Dr. Aguil was a pioneer in the area of dental spas, and his office remains a leader in this type of care.

Your High-End Dental Office Is Close By

We all know that taking care of oral health is critical to overall health, but many of us avoid the dentist because of a negative past experience. Unfortunately, keeping away from the dentist may not seem like a problem in the short-term, but over time your issues will compound.

If you’re needing to find a dentist, a simple Google search will turn up a list of doctors near your location. Finding a dentist is easy. Finding a dentist you can trust, that’s not so simple! How do you sort through all of the reviews? How do you know who you can trust?

Exquisite Dentistry, the premier dentist office in West Hollywood, California, has gained a well-deserved reputation for being the best dentist in the area. If you’re looking for a high-end dentist office in Los Angeles or the surrounding counties, consider some of the services we offer, like Invisalign, dental crowns, and implants. If the thought of visiting the dentist still makes you nervous, we also offer pain-free sedation dentistry for patients who are looking to further reduce stress.

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