A Dentist for Adults in Los Angeles

You deserve to go to a dentist specialized for you and your comfort. While pediatric dentists do excellent work for children and families, a focus on care for adults can make for a dentist experience more pleasant and comfortable than you ever thought possible.

That is what we do at Exquisite Dentistry in Los Angeles. Here, our welcoming team will greet you by name and offer fresh water or herbal tea. You’ll feel relaxed by the soft ambiance and pleasant aromas of the office. When it’s time, you’ll be seated in a comfy chair and offered a warm blanket. You can even pick from your choice of music or Netflix through noise-canceling headphones.

By focusing on treatment for adults, we’ve made a dental experience that’s unrivaled in comfort and satisfaction. Call to schedule your appointment at Exquisite Dentistry in West Hollywood.

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Make Dental visits as an Adult part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes more than just watching what you eat and getting to the gym – it’s also dependent on making sure that you are finding time for regular medical checkups.

gym membership

When you want a more sculpted body, you find a yoga class or get a gym membership.
When you want to lose some weight, you talk to a dietitian about intake and schedule more time to go running. But while you’re logging in all those laps and doing what you can to cut out carbs, it’s important not to overlook an aspect of your appearance that is also a very vital part of your body’s ability to function – your teeth.

Finding a dentist for adults in the Los Angeles area is just as key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it is for you to manage your calorie intake – and the health of your mouth and the teeth you have can have a drastic impact on much more than you might think.

It All Starts Here

Simply stated, your teeth, gums and other parts of your mouth are incredibly important to your overall health. Seeing a dentist for adults might not sound like an exciting venture, but it’s key to helping you prevent problems that could have a cascading impact on your appearance and your well-being.

Regular dental checkups will help you identify tiny problems that you may not have even noticed (before they turn into something bigger) and help prevent the need for an emergency visit to fix something that your dentist might have been able to address if you had made time for an appointment in the first place.

You can even consult your dentist about ways to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Treatments like Zoom laser teeth whitening and porcelain veneers will do wonders for you.

Restore Your Smile’s Brilliance

With your smile the best it’s ever looked, your confidence will be at an all-time high

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Call to schedule your cosmetic dentist appointment
and experience true luxury.

Expect a More Comfortable Experience

A dentist for adults is a specialist in you and your needs. At Exquisite Dentistry in Los Angeles, Dr. Aguil’s team has created a practice that makes going to the dentist feel more like a trip to the spa. Comfortable seats, wireless headphones connected to music or Netflix, and warm blankets are just some of the perks that you’ll enjoy.

Exquisite Dentistry was a pioneer of the “dental spa” environment. Dr. Aguil knew years ago that offering a more relaxing, comfortable environment ensured that patients would enjoy their appointments. After all, a comfortable experience is an important part of world-class care.

dental spa

Feel Good, Look Great

With regular visits to Dr. Aguil, your mouth, gums, and teeth will feel great. But going beyond maintenance and upkeep of your oral health, there’s also the aspect of how great you look to those around you.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, so feeling confident in the look of your teeth is also a very important aspect to consider when looking for a dentist for adults. Consider these cosmetic dentistry options.

  • Dental veneers – Ceramic porcelain that bonds to your teeth and helps you keep a bright, perfectly natural-looking smile.
  • Invisalign treatment – A series of clear, custom-made aligners that straighten your teeth. Take them out when you eat, or any time you want.
  • Laser teeth whitening – Brightening your smile up to eight shades in one visit.

Expect World-Class Treatment

Dr. Aguil’s team will answer all of your questions, start by talking to us about what you are looking to accomplish. Give us a call at (323) 272-2388 to schedule your appointment at Exquisite Dentistry in West Hollywood.

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